I. citrine, silver, blackened


time flies like an arrow

We can imagine time as an arrow, because on every clock and watch we can see one. One second is one second for every human being – this makes part of our perspective of time. We are born, we age and we‘ll die in the end.
We can imagine time also as a resource: Money.

Time = Money is one of the great paradigms of western society. We are able to spend, to save or to lose time – same as we can do it with money. This idea of time works quite well in a very economic view of the world, but if we look deeper, boundaries of this perception will be revealed. Life without money is a possible thing, but life without time is hard to imagine and still we say: I don‘t have time. We think time itself as a recource, just like money. What happened to a person who lacks of time? Is this a poor person? What happens if we only measure and not „feel“ time?

The intelectual boundary of our perception of time is a cultural one and has not only advantages but also disadvatages. E. g. Burn-Out-Syndrome, stress in free-time and absolute efficiency as general purpose, but we are able to open up our idea of time.

The watch, jewellery, symbol for progress, punctuality and precision is a most intimate and worn manifestation of this idea and is the aim of this work. What happens when a watch lacks of time? What can happen instead at the clockface? What do we can see, when we look closely to our time-perspective?

The boundaries have to be pushed, because one thing is sure:

Time is far more than just like an arrow.


II. saphire, silver,  blackened

IV.  silver, blackened

III.  silver

V. gold, silver, blackened


VI. silver blackened, gold-plated



VIII. – „milk and honey“. citrine, silver



X.  silver blackened, gold-plated



VII.  silver, gold-plated



IX.  silver, watch parts



XI. – „time flies like an arrow“ watch hands, bronze, blackened


those great pictures are made by momoh